Welcome to Luminous Boudoir. We are so glad you’re here and we want to start off by saying that we believe boudoir is literally for everyone. There isn’t one person who doesn’t deserve to feel beautiful about themselves and our aim is simply to create that feeling for you as you work with us to undergo your own transformation.

At Luminous, our home market that we proudly serve is in the greater Hampton Roads area, also known as the Seven Cities; Norfolk, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Suffolk and Virginia Beach are the most commonly serviced cities, but we also work with clients from all over the world! We will even travel to you if you’d like. We’ve traveled to do sessions in Hawaii, Las Vegas, New York, Florida, and many more.

As we continue to roll out new blog posts for you, we hope that you will take a few moments and read about how these sessions are literally changing womens’ lives and the way they feel about themselves. You will read stories from women who came in with little to no confidence and walked away totally empowered. Women who were so run with all of their daily to-do’s that they didn’t even feel beautiful anymore and once they took some time for themselves and had the experience, they reclaimed that beauty and walked out more confident than ever before.  THIS is why boudoir is so powerful and it’s why we believe you should have a session for yourself,  RIGHT NOW.

So please, enjoy your stay here and just know that you’re always welcome and appreciated. We know that once you have your #boldlyluminous experience, you’ll never look at yourself the same way again! Cheers!