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We believe that you are beautiful. You are worthy. You are gracious and kind. Capturing your spirit and strength, the very essence of YOU, is our aim. In your eyes and in your smile, your unique traits shine through. No longer held captive by society’s standards, you will emerge daring and confident. THIS is a session with Luminous. Conquering your fears and, once again, remembering the woman that you were created  to be will forever remain our mission with each and every session. Are you ready to embrace this freedom and live boldly? The decision is yours.


I love this couple!!!!! I had such an amazing experience with Ross and Jess! They are WONDERFUL! So friendly and easy going, I felt and still feel like we’ve been friends for years just after meeting them for my consultation! During the shoot, we had a blast! I was so comfortable the whole time! I felt beautiful, elegant and like a super star! And oh my goodness when I got the pictures back I fell in love with myself and my body again! Their work is simply amazing!!!!!! I cannot express this enough!!!! To top it off, they are just some of the best people I’ve ever met!! I think boudoir is something every woman should do, and these are the people to do it with!

- Catie

I cant say enough good things about Jess and Ross. When you go into something as intimate as a boudoir session, it can be a little intimidating, especially if its out of your comfort zone. If this is how youre feeling, you MUST do a session with them. I have never in my life felt more empowered. I felt like a supermodel for a morning- It was so comfortable and easy and all around fun! Even before I got the images back I was texting Jess telling her I couldn't wait to do another shoot. Then, once you see the images, the empowerment and self love goes up even more. They are absolutely the most amazing photos I’ve ever seen. I couldn't even believe it was me! These two are the most talented, professional, and just all around sweet people to work with. I would never want to do this kind of shoot with anyone else. They are AMAZING. Thank you all for making me comfortable with and love myself even more❤️?

- Susanna

I had my very first session and let me tell you... it was nothing shy of perfect! I was so nervous.. nervous I wouldn’t be able to do anything or wouldn’t look good doing it and the power couple Jess and Ross made all those worries disappear. It started first with the amazing hair and makeup stylist that were so fun right in the beginning. You two were phenomenal! It was amazing working with you both Jess and Ross, it was so fun and never once awkward. I can’t wait to see my pictures and surprise my honey with Christmas! Thank you so much for making me feel fabulous! You by far deserve more than 5 stars and I would refer high and low for you guys!

- Amelia

I had the privilege of doing a boudoir session with Ross and all I can say is WOW!!! It was probably one of the most rewarding experiences I've ever had. Not only did they make sure I had the BEST hair and make up team available, but they were able to make me feel so comfortable and step outside my comfort zone. Because of that, the images produced were mind blowing! I was able to see myself in a light I had never imaged existed and I'm beyond thankful I'll now have a permanent reminder of that!! This is something every woman should be able to experience, and these are the guys to make it happen!!!

- Justyn

Working with Ross and Jess was the most amazing experience ever! I felt so comfortable and confident the entire time. The pictures came out utterly fantastic. We goofed off and had fun during the shoot, that’s what I love about this photographer, pictures turn out so much better when you’re having fun with it and you’re feeling confident and sexy! I absolutely will work with them again, I had such a blast and I love love love the pictures! I can’t wait to work with them again!!

- Chloe

I don’t even know where to begin. From the very first interaction I had with Ross and Jess I felt like we had been friends for years. They made everything so unbelievably comfortable. The professional hair and makeup is a MUST. I have never felt so beautiful in my life. Ross and Jess are the perfect duo. Ross takes incredible photos while Jess makes sure you are in the PERFECT position, from your hair to your toes. This was such a fun experience, and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

- Courtney

What can I say? My experience with Ross and Jess was so amazing and empowering. I was so nervous leading up to the day of the shoot. They have a way of putting you at ease. They are professional, listen to your ideas, listen to your insecurities, and help put you at ease. They are easy to talk with, down to earth, and funny. As a plus size girl, I was very insecure about my midsection. Jess helped me pose in ways that were flattering and accentuated the parts of my body I loved. Oddly, after my session, I loved all of my body. I felt beautiful, sexy, and fierce. I never though I could look and feel to sexy. I have not felt this confident in years. At the image reveal, I was floored. I kept thinking, "That's me! Wow!" It has been a month and I look at my photos daily. I feel so beautiful. My husband has even commented on the boost in my confidence. He told me that how I now see myself in these photos is the way he sees me every single day 😍 If you have ever toyed with the idea of boudoir photos, whether for your significant other or for yourself, I encourage you to book a session with Ross and Jess. You will not regret a second of it. They are amazing to work with. Their studio is beautiful. And your confidence level will be through the roof!

- Laura

What can I honestly say about Jess and Ross? These two are absolutely AMAZING!!! They were professional and caring in every aspect. I was very nervous when the session started and they were able to calm my nerves and even pull me out of my comfort zone to go a little further for my portraits. This was an anniversary present to my husband and he was in love with every picture!! I highly recommend them with any portrait session you want! They both have an eye for detail in different, great ways. Thank you both again!!

- Heather

I've had the absolute pleasure of working with Jess & Ross for 2 sessions. Each one has been a dream! Even though I felt a bit unprepared for my first session (due to personal procrastination), all that melted away after meeting Jess & Ross. Jess plans some incredible scenes, ranging from traditional boudior to more creative. If you're a creative, bring your ideas to the table! They love to try new things :) If you want to be pampered and feel like a Queen & preserve this moment of your beauty forever Luminous Boudoir is for you!

- Colleen

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This website contains images that may not be suitable for all audiences. Boudoir is about freely expressing self-love and empowerment and in some cases, images involving nudity are created in the process. Please be warned, if you enter this site you will see boobs and butts. Proceed with caution...

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